Precise testing solution provides beta testing services. The goals of a beta test can vary considerably from getting the press to write early reviews of the software to user interface validation to a last-ditch effort in finding bugs. Beta testing is necessity for any product base company before release the product.

Beta testing is the term used to describe the external testing process in which the software is sent out to a select group of potential customers who use it in a real-world environment. Beta testing usually occurs toward the end of the product development cycle essay writer and ideally should just be a validation that the software is ready to release to real customers. We have potential tester, they have experience in the beta testing for desktop application, web-base application, iPad/iPhone and mobile base application.

Why Beta Testing Required

Software methodical development process used to create it. From its inception, through the planning, programming, and testing, to its use by the public, there’s the potential for bugs to be found. Beta testing is required cost of fixing these bugs can grow over time.

The costs are logarithmic that is, they increase tenfold as time increases. A bug found and fixed during the early stages when the specification is being written might cost next to nothing, or $1 in our example. The same bug, if not found until the software is coded and tested, might cost $10 to $100. If a customer finds it, the cost could easily be thousands or even millions of dollars.
A beta test is usage of the product by selected (or voluntary) customers at the customer site. The product is used as it will be in production. The actual conditions determine the contents of the test. Also here extended support of the users is necessary. Beta tests preferably run over a longer period of time.
Beta tests are much used for off-the-shelf products—the customers get the product early (and possibly cheaper) in return for accepting a certain amount of immaturity and the responsibility for reporting all incidents.

Beta testing is required because if customer find the bug it increase the cost of the product, it decrease the reputation of the product in the market. Precise Testing solution promises our customer for all type of beta testing services, we find the bug before customer found.

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