The principle of automated testing is that there is a program (which could be a job stream) that runs the program being tested, feeding it the proper input, and checking the output against the output that was expected. Once the test suite is written, no human intervention is needed; Precise Testing Solution is the leader in automated functional test tools and solutions for software systems with sophisticated human interfaces. We specialize in automated test solutions for virtually any software product and device serving business domains such as HR, Financials, Logistics, Telecom and Mobile Computing including wireless enterprise systems and smart appliances.

When is automation testing recommended

Automation testing is primarily used for performing regression testing of a product. Regression testing requires execution of Test Cases with every build. Product releases are usually incremental and have a short development time span and hence require rigorous QA activities. Since the builds to QA are released at short and regular intervals, it is not possible to execute all Test Cases of a product manually. This is whereS automated test cases help as it provides quick and accurate results on the build status.

Advantage of Automation Testing Solutions

Precise Testing Solution Providing Automation Testing Services.Precise Testing solution unique combination of test automation technology, services and methodology adds value to the test by giving product companies a maintainable automated solution that allows them to reduce test cycle time, increase coverage, improve test accuracy and accelerate time to market.

Some of the advantages realized by product companies are:

Product build status can be determined quickly with the help of automated test cases as it generates a report on the execution status of each test case

Automation testing can be scheduled to run independently during night and the results of the execution become available in the morning thus saving time

Execution of automated test cases can be done by developers as well thus providing them with an additional tool to determine the quality of code they develop

Product releases can be achieved at shorter intervals as QA cycles are shortened

Automation testing guarantees quality result of test execution as it is not prone to human error

A small QA team is sufficient to certify a product with the aid of automation testing solutions

Test Automation Approach

Test automation is not an obvious solution for every situation, which means that it is not a good idea to automate all test cases. A clear and calculated decision is important on areas that can be automated and the ones that should not be. Any ad-hoc approach will actually add on to the testing cycle time and cause poor quality deliverables. Precise Testing Solution provides the broadest range of interfaces to permit testing of virtually any device or application. Our automation testing solutions includes an architecture and methodology for easy writing, maintenance and re-use of test scripts.

Test automation services methodology:

1. Establishing the automation framework:

The effort required to setup the automation can be greatly reduced through a framework driven approach to automation. In addition, this approach enables Precise Testing Solution experts to leverage its internal automation tools and club them with tools from the industry to maximize the benefits to the customer.

2. Scripting Services

a. Analysis – Testing team assesses customer’s requirements of the scripts, identifies possible solutions, creates time estimates and defines the deliverables.
b. Development – Testing Team develops the test scripts based on initial analysis and the test cases prepared. At this stage the repository of reusable scripts is also explored.
c. Delivery – The actual script is delivered along with user documentation. At the end of the process a match is done with the customer to ensure that all requirements are met.

3. Script Maintenance Services

Testing Team analyzes the long-term impact of automated test script. By incorporating the required changes, it prepares a script maintenance strategy. Factors such as frequency of patch applications, introduction of customized modules and fixes are kept in mind while identifying the maintenance requirements. The team also undertakes an impact analysis to identify how these changes would impact the test scripts.

Precise Testing Solution Provide Tools for Our customers

Testing Type Tool Type

Licensed Software|Open Source

Functional Testing QTP, TestComplete, Rational Functional Tester Selenium
Performance Testing Loadrunner,SilkPerformer JMeter
Security Testing AppScan, WebInspect Skipfish,Nikos,Websecurify,
w3af and Arachni
Mobile Automation QTP- M-eux FoneMonkey
Web services Automation QTP, soapUI Selenium
Bug Reporting Tool JIRA,Assembla,Redmine and Pivotal Mantis,Bugzilla

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