games-testingWe offer Game QA Testing services on most platforms which include iPhone, iPad, Android based Tablets/Mobile devices, PC, MAC etc. We have tested number of Video Games(Casual Games, Online Games, Facebook Games, Massively Multiplayer Online Games and various genres) for a successful and bug-free market release on different hardware/system combinations.

Types of games tested by Precise Testing Solutions

  • Online Games
  • Video games
  • Console Games
  • Mobile/handheld games

Nature of Games:

  • Skill games
  • War Games
  • Educational games
  • Racing games
  • Real Time Strategy games (RTS)
  • Role Playing games (RPG)
  • Sports games
  • Puzzlers

Game Testing Strategies:

Our game testing strategies varies for each type of games and customized to its testing needs. Following are a few test strategies we commonly follow while testing game applications.

  • Functionality
  • Game play experience
  • Load testing for multi-player games
  • Compatibility and Compliance testing
  • Localization testing
  • Online and Network testing
  • Console certification testing
  • PC (Standalone and Browser-Based games)
  • Macintosh (Standalone and Browser-Based games)
  • Nintendo
  • Sony (PS2, PS3, PSP etc)