Precise testing solution is Independent Software Testing Company. We are an independent, third-party quality testing service provider. Our services are devised to results in improved product quality and compliance to defined standards at client’s end. Our services assure that there is a noticeable reduction in customer complaints, non-compliance to standards, wastage and reworks. We have deployed a team with expert assessment skills for testing. In our testing we select tools and methods to match our customers’ technical requirements, budget, and schedule requirements, or use our customers’ standard tools and processes.

A third party testing service provider like us can afford you the genuine assistance by doing all types of testing practices at reasonable price. With the assurance, which we give, you can gain confidence in the website you have developed and promote the website without any worries.

We being third party testers come into play only when there is a need for you, thereby saving the money you spend on the in house testers who keep idle after the initial stages. There is a time period after the test planning, scheduling of tests and writing the test cases in which the website would still be undergoing changes and facing major problems like installation problems configuration problems etc. During this period, in most of the companies the testers are kept idle thereby losing lot of revenue. This is where we come in, you could contact us anytime and we would be glad to work with you for reasonable price, this is a big saving in cost. We work for you only when you need us. This way you can afford quality websites at lower prices.

Why you can trust us?

There are a number of reasons why you can trust us. The first and foremost thing is, we want you to succeed in whatever you do. Being a third party service provider we strive for the positive feedbacks which clients like you provide us for our best services we provide. We like to build a good reputation with the clients whom we work with. When you succeed and give us excellent customer referrals and spread the word, we would get repeat business thereby making us succeed too.

We listen to you, we understand the needs of the customer, and we understand the needs of the business too, which is the utmost quality a tester should have. This saves the other two most important factors money and time.

Where we help you

Minimize Costs

Hiring full-time testers involve providing them with company benefits and training which is a costly and time-consuming venture. Furthermore, recruiting costs for qualified full-time testers are additional. Companies looking to cut costs should seriously look into outsourcing as a cheaper alternative. The cost of employing a tester from an outsourcing firm with specific testing experience in a given industry or with a particular test tool is far cheaper than the cost of hiring in-house testers.

Outsourcing firms lower testing costs by offering testers and testing solutions at a percentage of the cost of hiring full-time testers. Furthermore, outsourcing firms have libraries and repositories of automated tests that can be leveraged or recycled for other testing needs, which also lowers the costs of various test automation tasks.

For Temporary Assignments

Some companies experience demand for testing services that exceeds the capability of the existing testing team. Even when the company has a large testing team, sudden increase demand of testing, At that time difficult to find experience tester according to the requirement. We can also help for ad-hoc testing tasks.


Even companies that have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in test tools struggle because they don’t have the properly trained in-house resources to implement these test tools. Sometimes the test tools are not even suitable for their intended environment (i.e. a test tool for a CRM web based system may not support a Mainframe environment). Another common problem with purchasing test tools is resistance to change that compels many companies to conduct their regression and functional tests by hand because the testing team is resistant to the tools.

In contrast to these problems with test tools, outsourcing firms own licenses to a variety of test tools from different vendors and have testers who are savvy in test automation. Outsourcing firms understand what can be automated and how it should be automated. Automation of business processes and test cases is critical to providing consistent and repeatable test results; many outsourcing firms are capable of providing this service.

Special Testing Requirements

Sometimes companies have testing needs that exceeds the capabilities of the existing testing team members. A company should seek help from an outsourcing firm if it’s facing testing requirements that its existing test team does not have the knowledge to provide test coverage or traceability for. Like some company required for beta testing at that time they have requirement for beta tester we can help at that time.

Reliable and Independent Results

Using application developers to develop and write code for an application test hinders producing objective results. Placing developers in a role where they are tasked with identifying their own defects creates a conflict of interest.

Even companies that have separated the testing team from the development team find that development managers often pressure the testing team to sign-off on an application test so that it can be released expeditiously. Problems compound afterwards if the testing team reports incidents visible to the end-user.

Organizations struggling with how to obtain independent and reliable results can seek help from an outsourcing firm. An outsourcing firm can supply objective test results and execution logs because there is no conflict of interest. Companies in notably regulated industries or government projects subject to rigorous and strict audits might find the independent services invaluable.

Another area that deserves consideration is the amount of confidence a test manager can place in the results his team identified. Inexperienced testers could inadvertently provide results from the execution phase during capacity testing and misclassify defects, which could cause the test manager to make inaccurate recommendations. Companies that are extremely dependent on accurate and reliable test results should seek services from an outsourcing firm; some firms even guarantee the reliability of their test results.

Help with Compressed Testing Schedules

Poorly staffed testing teams and testing efforts that begin late in the software development process are common problems. These situations compromise the successful completion of all testing tasks.

Understaffed testing teams are frequently rushed to complete various testing tasks (i.e. test case documentation, test data identification, test script execution, defect tracking) in a compressed period of time. Other companies attempt to implement an ad hoc testing team of SMEs and the development team in the latter stages of the software lifecycle in the hopes of completing various testing tasks in an unrealistic time frame.

Outsourcing firms can help a company meet tight deadlines by utilizing their large workforce. They have offshore testing teams with high head counts since they have to service so many clients. They often staff projects with local resources if testing efforts require direct interaction with SMEs, test managers, and end-users. Organizations with thinly-staffed testing teams can easily augment their testing resources temporarily or long-term with the services from an outsourcing firm.

Equipment, Facilities, Testing Tools, Environments

Some applications require extensive compatibility testing in different environments and back-end database systems. Other applications need to be tested in production-sized environments that closely resemble the final production environment. Putting together a sufficient test lab or procuring all the necessary facilities could prove expensive and difficult to maintain. An outsourcing firm can help to overcome the difficulty of gathering equipment and test tools to test a system under a wide range of scenarios with different hardware equipment, operating environments, and databases.

Outsourcing testing tasks can provide many benefits to companies seeking to lower testing costs, obtain independent testing results, obtain increased testing expertise, and augmenting their testing staff. Given the recent spate of software outsourcing agreements, many companies will resort to outsourcing testing tasks in order to obtain a competitive advantage. The transition to outsourcing is expected to continue and transform the software testing efforts of many corporations.

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We are Precise Testing which fully committed to deliver organize, systematic and best-in-class quality assurance.Our all tester are engineering graduate or master degree in Information Technology. we will able to help in Project management, CMMI and ISO audit with our skill resources.

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