Reverse engineering has been around for a long time now. It can be applied to both, software and hardware. Reverse engineering is also sometimes referred to as reversing. It can be used to figure out how a particular application works, which makes reverse engineering one of the most dangerous threats to applications. If attackers are able to reverse engineer an application, then they may be able to find out a way to hack into the application or do other malicious things related to that application.

Our professionals will test your applications to check for weaknesses in them that may enable cyber criminals to reverse engineer the applications and cause severe damage to you or your customers. We will use industry-level tools, such as disassemblers and reverse engineering frameworks, to test your application against reverse engineering attacks. Our testers will test your application and see if they can figure out the original design and implementation of the application. We test desktop as well as mobile applications for reverse engineering flaws. We also test anti-reverse engineering mechanisms that are built into applications.

Tools of trade:

  • Ghidra
  • OllyDbg
  • Apktool

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We are Precise Testing which fully committed to deliver organize, systematic and best-in-class quality assurance.Our all tester are engineering graduate or master degree in Information Technology. we will able to help in Project management, CMMI and ISO audit with our skill resources.

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