What is Selenium Testing?

Selenium furnishes a record playback tool for writing tests without acquisition a test scripting language. It as well as provides a test area specific language to write trials in a number of big programming languages, admitting Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python.

Why Selenium testing is used?

Today’s it is very popular for testing, selenium is likely the best alternative for automated testing of Websites. It is becoming more and more popular and it is the first selection of automation testers as well as systems for automating the test of Web-based applications for some of the GUI as well as the practicality. Selenium can also be used as a unit of measurement testing tool for JavaScript. We at orient have been working on Selenium for automatizing the testing of Web sites creating by using AJAX for the pharmaceutics and travel industries.

Selenium test package:

Selenium is a package of several test elements which consists of the few major three tools. Each one has a particular role in aiding the development of test automation for a Web application.

  1. Selenium IDE – This in fact add-on characteristic for Mozilla Firefox. This in general used for playback, record, debugging or edit of selenium play scripts.
  1. Selenium RC – This is instead known as “Selenium Remote Control” and is applied to run tests across several systems or browsers.
  1. Selenium Grid – It is able for running diverse instances of Selenium RC at the same time period. Selenium Grid eases distribution of tests throughout different browsers and machines so that parallel performance of the tests can be transported out.

Following reasons why selenium is use:

  1. Fetching the others automation tools into condition, Selenium has the capableness to operate on nearly every OS.
  2. It is an open source testing tool and therefore it serves for cost- effectual automation testing.
  3. One highly good feature of Selenium is that the linguistic communication used for building the plan is independent of the language that the web application program or website is applying
  4. This tool supports a scope of browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari, and IE 6, 7, 8 and Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Selenium has a real dynamic programmer community that is supported by Google.
  6. So far as Selenium is referred, we have a number of rich methods for location of components such as DOM, CSS, and so on.
  7. With the use of this tool, it is potential to execute concurrent tests leverage various browsers on many machines. This is turns off cut down the clip for test performance when a big project is in advancement.

Merits of Using Selenium Testing:


  1. Open Source means referring software for which the master copy source code is made freely useable and may be spread and modified.
  1. Supports all browsers like Firefox, IE, Safari, and Mozilla.
  2. Tolerates all Operating Systems.
  3. Apply most of all programming languages Java, Python and Ruby#.
  4. Run one or more tests at a time.


Use Selenium as the Functional Test Automation Tool, we harvested all the profits of Automation testing. We automatized more than 80% of test instances within short time interval.

Once all the results were in place the attempts of automation using Selenium. The licensing cost profits were huge and customers were very fulfilled with using Selenium as their criterion automation tool for regression.

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