White-box testing, or structural testing, is one in which test conditions are designed by examining paths of logic. The tester examines the internal structure of the program or system. Test data are driven by examining the logic of the program or system, without concern for the program or system requirements.

To give you a simplified explanation of white box testing, we have divided it into two basic steps. What Precise Testing Solution does when testing an application using the white box testing technique?


In our Testing strategy our tester will often do is learn and understand the source code of the application. Since white box testing involves the testing of the inner workings of an application, the tester must be very knowledgeable in the programming languages used in the applications they are testing. Also, our testing team is highly aware of secure coding practices. Security is often one of the primary objectives of testing software. In the white box testing we are able to find security issues and prevent attacks from hackers and naive users who might inject malicious code into the application either knowingly or unknowingly.


The second basic step to white box testing involves testing the application’s source code for proper flow and structure. One way is by writing more code to test the application’s source code. In the testing our testing team will develop little tests for each process or series of processes in the application.

  • Internal security holes
  • Broken or poorly structured paths in the coding Processes
  • The flow of specific inputs through the coding infrastructure
  • Expected output
  • The functionality of conditional loops
  • Testing of each statement, object and function on an individual basis

White box testing encompasses several testing types used to evaluate the usability of an application, block of code or specific software package. There are listed below —

Unit Testing

It is often the first type of testing done on an application. Unit testing is performed on each unit or block of code as it is developed.

Unit testing helps identify majority of bugs, early in the software development lifecycle. Bugs identified in this stage are cheaper and easy to fix.

Testing for Memory Leaks:

Memory leaks are leading causes of slower running applications. Our testing team has experienced at detecting memory leaks in software application.

Apart from above a few testing types are part of both black box and white box testing. They are listed as below –

White Box Penetration Testing:

In this testing, our tester has full information of the application’s source code, detailed network information, IP addresses involved and all server information the application runs on. Our aim is to attack the code from several angles to expose security threats

White Box Mutation Testing:

Mutation testing is often used to discover the best coding techniques to use for expanding a software solution. Our experience testing team help to developer team to follow best coding standard.

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