configuration testing

Precise Testing Solution is qa testing companies.We are wide range of testing services experience.

We are able to help you in all type of Configuration testing services

Configuration testing is the testing of a system with each of the configurations of software and hardware that are supported. This is a challenge for any application before release because if the application has any bug related to configuration if affect the large number of customer for specific environment Like if any software is unable to install on any specific version of Macintosh or Windows it lost large number of customer. Precise testing solution provide all type of configuration testing.



We are specialized to find

  • Server side issues
  • Compatibility of Web App with server OS
  • Correct file and directory creation Web App
  • System security measure do not degrade user service by Web App
  • Testing Web App with distributed server configuration.
  • Web App Properly integrated with data base software
  • Correct execution of Web App script
  • Examination system administration error for impact on Web App
  • On- side testing of Proxy servers
  • Client side issues
  • Hardware
  • Operating system
  • Browser Software
  • User Interface Components
  • User Interface Software
  • Browser and application Addons
  • Plug-ins Testing