Precise Testing solution provides our customer complete functional testing solution.We are software testing service providers,provides complete solution,it cover the 90% part of the testing according to the Parato Chart. The most focus area of the software testing is functional because if software not works according to the proper flow it affects the services and revenue. Functional Testing is the testing of the application against essay writing business requirements. Functional testing is done using the functional specifications provided by the client or by using the design specifications like use cases provided by the design team. In the functional testing we cover al the major functionality. Functional testing ids done by the two testing methods by manual methods our tester check all the possible flow of the software for bug free of the software. Through second methods functional testing is done by the automation method. For fictional; automation testing we have all market best tool expertise for do software bug free.

Functional TestingFunctional Testing covers

  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke testing / Sanity testing
  • Integration Testing (Top Down,Bottom up Testing)
  • Interface & Usability Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Pre User Acceptance Testing(Alpha & Beta)
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • White Box & Black Box Testing
  • Globalization & Localization Testing